Mission and Goals



Established in 1994 in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico, as a no-kill refuge for the protection, care and well-being of cats in crisis.


Santuario's purpose is to shelter the homeless, feed the hungry, and heal the sick and injured.




Santuario firmly believes that controlling population is a cornerstone of animal rescue. We neuter and spay all residents to prevent unwanted births.





Santuario operates under the fundamental principal that all life has value and must be treated with respect.

Santuario is a self-supporting not for profit dedicated  to these goals:


To alleviate the suffering caused by abandonment, hunger, illness, accidents, or inhumane treatment.


To provide protection, shelter, food and medical care in a nurturing environment for cats in crisis or transition.


Address in San Carlos, Mexico


530 Las Cabrillas

Caracol Penninsula

85506 San Carlos, Son.



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