Today the Santuario exists as a one-of-a-kind, no-kill refuge.
Like all other pets, Santuario cats would benefit from having a family and home of their own. Until the right family comes along, the rescued cats are  cared for at the Santuario located in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico.
Gwen can be contacted by phone in San Carlos.
The MX phone number is 1-52-662-226-1760.

SBPA San Carlos A.C.

Gwen Bouschor came to Mexico to do what most people come for, to enjoy the beauty, the peacefulness and to begin a more relaxed way of life. Instead of relaxation, she found more work..............

Santuario at Present


Gwen discovered that she could not turn away from the abysmal conditions that existed around San Carlos for unwanted animals. She answered the calls when abandoned animals were found, found homes for them or cared for them herself.
Injured animals requiring stateside attention were transported to the US, and transportation and medical costs were paid for by Gwen.
That fall Gwen moved to the Caracol peninsula and the
Santuario was born.
The cats had their garden, but what about the dogs? 
She had no choice but to adopt them as well.
Founded and opening its doors in October, 1995, the Mexican civil association, the Sociedad Benefactora y Proteccion Animal (SBPA) San Carlos, A.C. -  The SBPA, A.C. San Carlos 
Thus, Santuario became the founder of the SBPA A.C.
The U.S. non-profit, SBPA Services, Inc. and SBPA de San Carlos, A.C., a Mexican civil association, was formed as a parallel extension of Santuario, and the two groups worked side by side helping the animals of the San Carlos community.

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